Indonesia Aluminum Floating Bridge Tour

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Specification of Indonesia Aluminum Floating Bridge Tour

Aluminum Floating Pier is a floating dock made of environmentally friendly HDPE Floating Cubes, combined with a flange system into a single solid and flexible structure, and reinforced with a Marine Aluminum profile frame, then equipped with WPC flooring as thick as Anti Slip, making it suitable for use in both marine and fresh water. In contrast to floating docks in general which have a floating device in the form of a cube,
Aluminum Floating Pier has a strong strength, resistant to waves and durable.
- Eco-friendly, Cube is made of Prime Grade HDPE with anti-UV.
- Construction made of marine aluminum material so it is durable with a service life of over 30 years.
- The walking platform is made of Seawater and termite-resistant Wood Polyethylene Compound with anti-slip pattern.
- Flexible and wave resistant.
- Can be disassembled and can be installed quickly in a matter of days.
- Has high buoyancy
- Always follow the high and low tides, giving the pier height from sea level which is always the same.
ACCESSORIES - Aluminum Deck Construction is a deck that is intended for a walkway or walkway.
- Black Floating Cube or serves to become a buoy for the floating dock.
- Gangway is a connecting bridge between land or concrete jetty to the floating pier.
- Cleats are places for boats to moor when docked at floating docks. Cleats or borders have an acceptable load capacity for berthing ships.
- WPC flooring is a new material composed of wood and plastic elements which are melted into one and form a new material as a substitute for today's wood.
- Pile Guide serves to bind the piles connected to the floating dock so that they remain in the stand by on position, not drifting and only moving up and down to adjust the tides.
- Fender is a safety for the floating dock in order to reduce collisions when the ship docks on the floating dock.
- Pedestal is a station for filling clean water needs and distributing electricity to ships when leaning against a floating dock.
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