Plastic Basket Chicken

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18 Jan 2024
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Multipurpose plastic industrial basket. multipurpose basket made of plastic with various sizes:

Hole and Dead-end / Cover Industrial Plastic Baskets:

 Length 62 cm x Width 42 cm x Height 15 cm

 Length 62 cm x Width 42 cm x Height 25 cm

 Length 62 cm x Width 42 cm x Height 32 cm

 Length 62 cm x Width 42 cm x Height 38 cm

 Length 62 cm x Width 43 cm x Height 31 cm

Chicken Basket:

 Length 66 cm x width 49 cm x Height 14 cm

Folding Basket:

 Hole: Length 62 cm x Width 43 cm x Height 32 cm

 Dead end / close: Length 60 cm x width 40 cm x Height 32 cm

This basket is commonly used for vegetables, meat, food, plates, spare parts, toys, clothes, and so on. characteristic square shape, perforated on all sides, there is a handle, can be stacked, thick enough, strong enough, low price guaranteed quality. there are various kinds of plastic basket products, some are dead ends, holes, various sizes, various qualities, various prices, comparable to the price and quality.

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