Cooler Box Ocean 60 Liter

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Cooler Box
Cool Box ( Cooling Box) is a tool for storing food or fresh drinks, to be moved from one place to another, to keep it fresh until it reaches its destination.
Cool Box is made of high quality Polyethylene and Polyurethene ( PU) as a barrier to cold air so it doesn't evaporate out of the inside and holds hot air from outside so it doesn't get inside.
Cool Box is manufactured using an injection molding system, so there is no connection to the product. Another advantage of the injection molding system is that the cool box surface is smooth and has an even and strong wall thickness.
Cool Box also has 3 layers, namely: Outer Layer, Middle Layer and Inner Layer.
The outer layer functions as a cover or protector, which is made of high quality HDPE, so it is possible against impact and Ultra Violet radiation.
The middle layer is made of super quality PU, where PU acts as a barrier in and out of hot/cold temperatures from inside to outside and vice versa.
The inner layer is made of HDPE, which functions as a PU protector which is embedded inside, also contains an anti-moss material with a slippery surface.
Cool Box can be used to store food ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, ice cubes, cold drinks and others. Cool Box can also be used as a Vaccine Carrier, Blood Carrier and other necessities that require a place to store goods so that they are always fresh and the milk is maintained.
Cool Boxes are produced in various sizes, tailored to the needs. Cool Box is also known as Ice Box or Fish Box
we sell COOL BOX HDPE various sizes:

35 liters
50 liters
60 liters
75 liters
100 liters
120 liters
200 liters
220 liters
300 liters
660 liters
1000 liters
Cooler Box Ocean 60 Liters / Cooling Box / Cool Box Surabaya / Cool Box Fish
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